Easter Service Date & Times

April 1, 2018 at  7:30 |  9:00 | 10:30aM


What is easter all about? 

Easter is the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Yes, we really believe it happened, but we also believe that Easter goes beyond that one incredible morning.  God raised Jesus from the dead to show He accepted Jesus’ death for our salvation, giving each of us the promise of our own future resurrection and life forever in God’s presence.  Easter is not just the observation of a single event written in history, as so many of our holidays are; it is the celebration of an event that continues to happen in our daily lives because the power of sin and death has been conquered through Jesus.  Yes, we really believe the resurrection happened, we know it changes everything, and we want you to join us and celebrate the new life available to us all in Christ.



A NEW SERIES  @ Shirley Hills

Starting Easter Sunday, April 1

“It is finished” is one of Christ’s last recorded statements from the cross before his death. However, it is far from the last thing he said while on earth, for he was raised again to life and had much to say to those who were witnesses to his victorious resurrection. In these “conversations from beyond the grave,” Jesus speaks of all that He accomplished for us in His life, death, and resurrection, calling us to now live in his completed work and complete the work to which he has called us – a work that began in all that Christ “finished.”